Top 15 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

By DZ official Published March 25, 2024
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25 Mar 24

When you think of making the house corners elite and colorful, then the idea of indoor plants is amazing. These plants are a great way to cover the empty space in the corners of the living room and for launches.

There are so many best indoor plants that are easy to decide, such as Peace lily, Prayer plant, kentia palm, Philodendron and Rubber plants, watermelon peperomia, Aloe plants, and some more will describe further.

So many plants grow in tropic areas. A vast range of plants exist in this world which grow differently in different areas of the country. All plants have their own environment and climate to grow. But indoor house plants need a humid environment and a warm place to live.

Fortunately, there are innumerable common houseplants indoors, which give an amazing and fresh feel. Thoughtfully, we have decided 15 best indoor plants to help you find and make fresh, green space in your house.

15 most common and Best indoor plants

The decision-making of having good plants or the right plants for the right place is not easy because this mistake will make you feel desperate to make the wrong choice.

Let's explore the best indoor plants for your home.                   

Peace lily:



Peace lilies are not the real lilies. These plants are good in very high temperatures and humidity levels. This plant is actually a good indoor plant to care for easily.

This is the most amazing and best house plant because it purifies the home air. The lifespan of this plant is 3 to 4 years. This low-light indoor plant is amazingly flowering in 4 hours of sunlight. It only bears indirect sunlight because direct sunlight may harm and burn its leaves.

Height reach at  30 inches

Best spots:  Washroom, big TV launches

Best temperature: 75˚ and 64˚F

Best for:  Beautiful flowers

Monstera Deliciosa

This indoor house plant is so fast in growth that it grows 1 to 2 feet per year. It spreads more widely than tall. This best indoor plant is easier to take care of than other tropical plants.

Monstera plants consume less water and less sunlight. The sap of the plant’s leaves is toxic and harmful. It may cause skin swelling or irritation, itching, etc. The best bloom time of Monstera is summer. They also grow well in a greenhouse.

Best temperature: 64 & 80˚F

Best for:  Forest vibes in the corner

Best spot:  Bathrooms & kitchen     


Most people like this plant because of its glossy look and this is the best indoor plant to choose because it puts a charm in the environment. The heart-shaped leaves look amazing. This is also known as a flowering plant. This is the climber-hailing indoor plant. All level of humidity suits them.

The ideal spot to take place is the Bathroom and kitchen. The great disadvantage of touching them is that they can cause redness and skin irritation, or you may lose speaking with swellings in your mouth.

This plant is also dangerous for humans and pets cause of its poisonous nature.

Best spot:                        Kitchen and big bathrooms

Best temperature:                    60 to 75˚F

Best for:                    It makes cozy feels on corner planters

Prayer Plant

This plant is also known as the peacock plant cause of its prettiness. The strips of light green shade on leaves are amazingly seen. These indoor house plants belong to Brazile.

They are tall 6-12 and wide in 6-12. The best bloom period of these plants is spring. The color of their flowers is white. Regular misting is much more beneficial for these.

The temperature that suits these indoor house plants is 60 to 76F. Direct sunlight is also good for these plants, but not strong light.    

Temperature: 64 and 75˚F

Best spot:   Sunlight in the window        

Kentia Palm

This is the best indoor plant. Indirect sunlight may grow these more effectively instead of direct sunlight. It helps to purify air from bacteria and germs. This good indoor plant grows slowly. This is the best plant for spring. But the bloom time of these indoor plants is winter.

For good growth of plants, it's important to choose good sandy and drained soil. But do not overwater the plant. It may cause it to turn green leaves into yellow and dry brown.

This best house plant will be good for the living room corner.

Best for:        Building lounges

Best spot:    Corner space of tv launches

Temperature:  65 and 85˚F                    


These plants grow in direct and strong sunlight. Overwatering can cause fungal diseases. Wait to water this plant unless their old leaves dry and drop.

 Because this fungal disease is harmful to plants, the kitchen is the best spot area for this common house plant. The palm growth is up to 10ft long. In the winter season, they needed Water, but not as much.


Best for:                       Huge plant leaves

Temperature:                60 and 80˚F

Best spot:                             Kitchen


They are good for bedrooms and they also can be grown in the office. You should decide on the type of pot that will hold those plants with the slots, so that water may get drained completely. This is the reason I consider these plants as the best because oxygen is produced during the night and here is an environment for clean air for us too. They are also highly adaptable and require minimum care.

This plant has a nice store of Water in its stems throughout winter and freshly awaking in spring. Therefore, the sun's rays are good for them as they maintain the colors as original.

Temperature:     60 and 75˚F

 Best spot:           Coffee table, Bed side table

Best for:                Hot and dry landscape.

Snake plant

These indoor house plants grow slowly in low light. On the other hand, these plants grow faster in strong light. These plants are strong enough to survive. In spring and summer, Water the plant once a week, but in winter, Water the plant once a month.

These plants are best for indoors. Winter is not suitable for these. Their twisted strips are so elite to decore in the cozy space or a TV launch corner.

Temperature:                                         70 and 90˚F

Best for: The best                            thing to match your interior

Best spot: Hallway                           corners, Room’s corner

Elephant ear plant

This is the best indoor plant. The shape of the plant leaves resembles an elephant's ear. Plenty of sunlight is required for these. The Room where you place elephant ear indoor plant lights must be properly entered in the Room. Once a week is enough to water this plant.

If you want to grow elephant ears indoors, plant then you must check these things 

  • Pot size
  • Humidity level
  • Indoor temperature

Sunlight required:                      6 hours a day

Best for:                  Giant leaves are the beauty of the corners

Best Spot:                                Sunlight-friendly corners

Spider Plant

The easiest plant to grow indoors. The average temperature and normal level of humidity are good for these indoor house plants. These plants are good for bearing warmer weather. The brighter spot is the best spot to grow these plants. When this plant reaches its best point of growth, this plant divides its roots in greater numbers.

The life of these plants is long, up to 20 years or more. Sometimes small flowers appear on the stems; it varies on the kinds of spider plants. It cannot bear winters as well.

Age:                                    20 to 50 years

Best spot:                        Brighter corners of living room and bedroom.

Temperature:                     70 and 90°F                   

Rubber plant:

Best house plants are a bit tricky to handle according to condition. A few hours of direct sunlight is good for this plant’s health. This plant is the ideal choice for indoor plant light. And the humidity level of the normal point is affordable for these to survive.

Best spot:              Room window, stair window

Temperature:                       60 and 75 ˚F

Watermelon peperomia

The temperate climate is good enough to grow this indoor house plant. This plant is only required for indirect sunlight. Its leaf looks like watermelon skin. This plant is tropical and the best way to take care of this plant is to step it out from direct sunlight. It may cause sunburn on its leaves. In Brazil country, this plant is known as a symbol of a lucky plant.

Best spot:   TV console

Height:    30cm

Temperature: 18 to 26 °C

Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are the best indoor plants to grow smoothly. This plant is also beneficial for skin and hair treatment. This is the best Antioxidant plant. This plant is moisture-rich. Indirect sunlight is good in summer for these plants.

Best place:                    Window and door entrance

Temperature:                     55 to 85 °F

String of hearts

These low-light plants are much easier to look after. The strings can store Water in their stems. The heart shape of the leaves looks beautiful in different colors. These are good to hang on stairs or on walls.

Hanging pots can also give them the shape of a decore. Direct sunlight may cause sunburn. So, indirect light is quite good for these hanging strings of the heart.

Temperature: 46 and 86°F

Best spot:   Stairs, Two rooms, center wall         

English Ivy

These best indoor plants are beautiful for home decoration but toxic for the human health. The sap of this plant is irritating or itchy for the skin, and the fruit that grows on these plants is poisonous to all living things. Direct and indirect sunlight are both good for this plant. The normal level of humidity is serviceable for these.

Temperature:  50 to 70°F

Best spot:            Bathrooms  

Fertilise time:   Early spring and early autumn     


Which way is good to water the indoor plants?

The best way to water the plants is according to their weatherly-required water intake. A finger test is also compulsory to check the soil's need for Water.

It looks fine. If the upper layer of the plant soil is dry, then it's okay, but if the inner soil of the plant goes dry continuously, then it’s a sign to water the plant.  

How are indoor plants beneficial for Health?

Indoor plants are very effective for Health. Some plants are best to purify the air and it helps to inhale the fresh air. Further, these plants are beneficial for mental Health. The freshness of indoor house plants makes you feel fresh, and the greenery of plants causes of peaceful feeling.

How, do these indoor plants help to decorate the house?

It's not a plant only to play the role of decorating the house. Plant pots also cause beauty in decoration because the selection of pots for plants is also the most important.

Hanging plants, pots, and floor planters look amazing when you choose creatively. The presentation of plants is the most effective part of house decor and makes it feel fresh.

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